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Global Opportunities

Incredible India:

Are you interested in taking advantage of the incredible market and investment opportunities in India? With over a billion people, India is the biggest democracy in the world, providing a stable environment for fast paced growth.

Turkey-Gateway To The East:

Turkey is a fast growing market between East and West and provides huge market opportunities for trade, green technologies, Business and IT and services. Directed from Istanbul New York Business Consultants representative Nazif Berat is an outstanding business development and Business and IT expert who can help you with your business needs.

Europe-Leader in Quality&Technology:

Europe, the old continent is despite the Euro crisis an industrial powerhouse and a frontrunner when it comes to pharmaceuticals, machinery, engineering and sustainable technologies. Do you need representation in Europe? Are you interested in (green) technology from Europe? Let us do the research, advise you on the right market entry strategy and connect your company with market opportunities, investors, partners, distributors and other key contacts that help your business thrive.

The American Eagle:

Ludo Consultants is rooted and headquartered in New York City and we feel deeply about this diverse, innovative and dynamic marketplace. We offer business owners, entrepreneurs and investors from all parts of the world to represent them in New York City, to develop their brand and to introduce their products and services to the huge US marketplace.

For centuries America and New York in particularly has attracted innovative pioneers from all around the world. One might say NY is still the innovative and financial center of the work, where business people, entrepreneurs, investors and artists alike feel at home. Known for global innovators from Google to Apple, for the best universities in the world, competitive business, some of the largest energy companies in the world, a vast territory, cities 'that never sleep' and a unique entrepreneurial spirit, America is still a magnet for creative and ambitious people from all around the globe. Let us help you live your American dream!

Our experienced team wants to be your trainer and teacher in this marketplace - we want to help you establish and successfully grow your business in America. The market opportunities are great but it requires an experienced team to adjust to the US culture and to truly understand the market.

Africa: New Business Opportunities:

Africa has emerged as a promising market with a growing middle class, high growth rates and big opportunities not just in mining, construction and commodities. We want to introduce you to the African continent and its plenty of opportunities. Also we welcome inquiries from African clients and partners to do international business and to form a partnership for growth and development.

Africa is without doubt the most exciting and most enchanting continent in which to do business. ?The Ludo Consultancy goal is to help everyone who wants to invest or do business in Africa or from Africa. ?If you are already doing business in Africa, we can help you grow and establish more partnerships. If you are just thinking about it, then NYBC can help you all the way by providing you precise information data and specifications such as: Country profiles, investors seeking partners, research?, feasibility studies?, project implementation and monitoring, Recruitment and human resource development.

According to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the UN Trade Agency, UNCTAD, Africa offers the highest return on direct foreign investment in the world, far exceeding all other regions - four times more than in the G-7 countries, twice more than in Asia, and two-thirds more than Latin America.