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We, at ludo Consultants Service, understand the present day business and offer our clients services which help them exponentially raise their business returns. From providing integrated business solutions, technical support and management services, we help our clients get the most out of their Business and IT investments.

Management Consulting:

Ludo management consultants services are now combined to help enable a 360° view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement on operations.

A myopic vision is detrimental to the organization’s success in the long term. Our subject matter specialists can offer valuable insights and various alternatives that help our clients maintain the competitive edge in the longer term as well.

The Ludo consultants approach is structured, as well as nimble to assist clients in various phases of their life cycle. Our credentials across industry sectors echo our success in understanding the business context. Being an independent advisor with extensive knowledge and experience, ludo can help you achieve today, what you have set out for tomorrow.

While our professionals can provide a variety of alternatives to cater to our clients’ needs, we have in addition customized approaches catering to specific performance and technology related business challenges.

Business Development:

At Ludo Business Consultants we guide our clients and business owners through different growth stages. The consulting team analyses different growth and market entry strategies, compares to best practices and helps companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Ludo consultants goal is to assist companies in facilitating and promoting USA and international business development, procurement, marketing and sales representation, using our marketing and business expertise through our network of affiliates, contacts and sales representatives.

We are flexible in working on a specific one time project or as an integral member of your team. We will consider working on the basis of various options such as fee basis, retainer, lump sum, commission, equity or combination thereof, depending on the particular situation.

Following are examples of consulting services that could assist you in your business activities.

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Management, Administration & Operations

General Business Negotiations and Contracting

Bid Proposals, Negotiations, Contracting

Contract Administration

Ludo Consultants is flexible in working with you in the most appropriate method that meets your requirements by working with clients, partners, representatives, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors or by providing advice and assistance on a consulting basis.

Market Research:

Market research is a key part of developing any marketing or business strategy. Our aim is to provide you with an insight into your client's mind so that you understand what they want, how they gather information and where they come from. We also have experience carrying out market research to get a gain a better understanding of market trends, competitors and what is happening in your industry sector.

Venture Capital:

We investigate funding opportunities from venture capital, private equity to loans and grants typically in the range of $100k-$1.5mio. Our consultants analyse the capital needs and structure of the company and connect the client to the right investors and business partners.