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Clinical Solutions

Long Term Care:

The Ludo Consultants Solution is acuity-based and assists the hospital in determining the proper mix and skill level of staff required to improve clinical quality and organizational effectiveness.

The Ludo Consultants requires no capital expense, no hardware, and no software, allowing you to distribute those savings elsewhere!

What makes Ludo Consultants so Unique?

  • Identifies staffing needs real-time with revaluation as frequently as desired while measuring productivity at a predetermined interval for productivity reports

  • User-friendly web-based staffing model
  • Acuity based with concise, easy to understand acuity factors
  • Allows unit staff to evaluate staffing needs in absence of management, allowing for acuity of patients
  • Provides tailored productivity reports benchmarking against recommended staffing patterns
  • Allows benchmarking with national standards and trends.

Quality Solutions

Magnet Status:

Determine initial steps in moving towards the application process.

Develop a successful written application identifying best practices and to organize essential documents for the appraisal process.

Provide gap analysis and assessment.

Learn to provide guidance in use of NDNQI and PI data.

Initiate evidence-based practice within an organization and develop the policies and procedures necessary for successful implementation.

Benefits of Achieving Magnet Status:

Recognition of nurses' worth
Major factor in nursing and physician recruitment and retention
Provides a competitive advantage
Improves patient quality outcomes
Increases consumer confidence

The Joint Commission:

  • Survey Preparation
  • Elements of Performance Compliance
  • Tools to Improve Document Completion
  • How to Create Action Plans
  • Writing Measures of Success
  • Toolkit to Ease Completion of Period Performance Reviews (PPRs)