Get your worth Career School or College Worth?

Do you plan to sell your school? We will work with you in getting your school the best value possible in today's market? We will help you sell, finance, or restructure your school.

Our firm assists you to sell, finance, or restructure and make it easy to complete the sales transaction

We help career school owners through the intricacies and difficulties of a merger or divestiture and coordinate with the various parties to the transaction. We recommend the transaction structures to satisfy your objectives and that maximize economic value.

What Our Selling Services Include

  • Our consultants perform Preliminary Valuation to determine the asking price range and likelihood of realizing it in the marketplace.
  • Formation of a Confidential Business Review (CBR) to offer qualified buyers with facts to make knowledgeable decisions.
  • We introduce qualified buyers to you. Our databank contains strategic high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, corporate buyers for platform or add-on acquisitions, and other qualified parties interested in the career school sector.
  • Negotiation with prospective buyers to gain the highest value and best terms.
  • We manage the transaction, while we let you stay focused on your school’s operations and developing your school.

School Valuations and Appraisals

Our Valuations Experts conduct and offer full valuations and certified appraisals.


Our relationship with you is conducted with complete confidentiality, commitment, and high ethical standards