Accreditation Assistance

Accreditation for Existing Schools

We provide the following services:

New School Accreditation Assistance

  • Explain accreditation process
  • Show you how to structure your school to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Assist you to select the appropriate accrediting board.
  • Show you how to build a strong infrastructure for growth and profitability.
  • Set up a system for campus-wide involvement in the Self Evaluation Review (SER) process.
  • Develop or formalize policies, procedures, and reporting methods to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Create manuals, materials, policies and procedures and operations manuals required by regulatory bodies and integrate them into the way you do business.
  • Prepare for a successful site visit.
  • Train your staff about what to expect when site reviewers visit your school.
  • Conduct a mock site visit.
  • Introduce you to suppliers who offer products and services you’ll need for success.

New School Owner "Jump Start" Services

Many owners are new to the career school sector. You may be opening a school for the first time or you may have recently purchased a career school. We assist you with the following:

  • To get up and running quickly until full-time directors are hired.
  • To complete change of ownership process.
  • Provide Interim School Directors to bring your school to the next level or fill in until the right leadership is found.

Trouble Shoot

We assist in preparation of response letters and recommend changes so you comply with regulatory requirements

Assistance with Completion of Other Regulatory
Applications and Renewals

  • Board of Nursing
  • Department of health and Senior Services
  • Board of Massage
  • Electrolysis Council
  • V.A.
  • Workforce, and
  • More

School Development Services

  • We provide Interim Staffing to bring your school to the next level or fill in while you are seeking the right leadership
  • Operations Audit: Identify how to reduce costs and improve operations